Puff Daddy & The Family And Pharrell Williams Want You To 'Get Loose'


After celebrating 20 years of Bad Boy Records during Sunday night's BET Awards, Diddy decided to release his latest Pharrell Williams-produced track "Finna Get Loose." The single, which was introduced to our ears during the awards show, is modern but can easily be added to our '90s playlist. To add an extra retro feel to it, Diddy released the single under '90s moniker Puff Daddy & The Family, and Pharrell chimes in by lacing it with his signature Neptunes beats. The single makes you want to put on your finest Cross Colours gear and perfect your Diddy Bop, all while following Puff's instructions to "get loose." The lyrics err on the side of all things random and there is enough panting in the background to make you feel a bit winded, but the track will keep you on your feet.

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Pharrell has the midas touch when it comes to production so this collaboration was effectively a no-brainer. Diddy even went as far as sharing his vision for the single on Instagram yesterday, with some behind-the-scenes video of his studio session with Pharrell. Diddy is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album MMM, and he is making a big to do about it with his Bad Boy revival. If you finna keep listening to Diddy and Pharrell's latest offering you might as well purchase it over on iTunes. Listen to "Finna Get Loose" right here, and let us know if this is the right move for Diddy or if he should focus on the rest of his empire.

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