Chris Brown, Tyga & Omarion Do What They’re ‘Post To’ At BET Awards ’15


Chris Brown showed up on stage quite a few times at last night’s BET Awards ’15, but he started off the night seducing us with some of his “Liquor.” The somewhat reformed singer sat by his lonesome until a lingerie-clad dancer joined him to woo him into submission while he appeared to be under her influence. After following her to the middle of the stage in front of a huge pyramid, his single “Ayo” came on and he was joined by his crew of dancers and Tyga. The two released the full-length collaboration Fan Of a Fan: The Album earlier this year and share great chemistry on the album and on stage. The duo performed the track, which we’ve heard one too many times on our airwaves, to an excited audience who knew every word. The song then transitioned into “Post To Be,” and honestly it was hard to tell it was a different song until Omarion popped up on stage.

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What’s exciting about Chris and Omarion sharing the stage is that both singers can hold their own in the dance department. While the overall performance was nothing to write home about, the footwork came out on top. What also came up was Jhené Aiko‘s absence, since she had the most memorable (and ridiculous) line in the track. It was definitely a missed opportunity for the songstress, who we hear was handling her business overseas, but Chris and Omarion did what they were supposed to and kept the audience on their feet. You can watch Chris, Tyga and Omarion’s performance from the BET Awards ’15 right here, and let us know if it was everything you thought it was “post to be.”

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