Braxton Cook & Butcher Brown Want To Make You Say 'Ooooo'


You remember Braxton Cook, don't you? If you don't, allow us to give you a refresher. Mr. Cook is an accomplished jazz saxophonist who made a name for himself while playing with famed jazz man Christian Scott. Braxton then struck out on his own for his EP Sketch, which included standout tracks like "Pariah" and "Wide Open."

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Braxton is back, and this time he's bringing his friends Butcher Brown — consisting of Corey Fonville, DJ Harrison, Andrew Randazzo and Keith Askey — for their EP Braxton Cook Meets Butcher Brown. They're also offering a jazzy sample of the EP with single "Ooooo," which is exactly what you'll be saying when you listen to the cut. Reminiscent of '70s fusions of soul, jazz and funk, "Ooooo" will put you in the mind of the output of legends like Herbie Hancock as it weaves a soulful musical tapestry with bass, synth-y keys and, of course, lush, languid saxophone from Braxton. With the days of summer fast approaching and temps rising, it's the perfect vibe to cool out to and maybe even play at a gathering or two.

After taking a listen to "Ooooo" below, we guarantee that it'll make it on to your summer playlist. Look out for Braxton Cook Meets Butcher Brown to come later this year and catch Braxton on tour this summer, the dates for which can be found on his website.

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