The Chemical Brothers & Q-Tip Give It A ‘Go’ Once Again


Electronic music makers Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons — better known as The Chemical Brothers — haven’t released a studio album in five years. And while the talented Brits haven’t been idle (see their contribution to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 soundtrack), fans are eagerly awaiting Born in the Echoes, their forthcoming summer release. The first preview, “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted,” dropped at the end of April. But it’s their latest single that’s really grabbed our attention.

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The duo tapped none other than Q-Tip to add his magic to “Go,” simultaneously premiering the video on the day the song debuted. If you remember the last time the threesome hit the studio together — the GRAMMY-award winning song, “Galvanize” — then you know that you’re in for a full sensory experience. Your ears will appreciate the frenetic pace of the synth-fed tune, particularly when The Abstract joins in, matching the sonic energy with his magnetic flow. Engaged by the hypnotic music, your body will give in to the urge to dance. And your eyes will be entertained by the unique visuals courtesy of French director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party), featuring a troupe of synchronized women getting the arm workout of life. I kept waiting for them to start tinikling, but they seemed more content to do the locomotion. Digression aside, “Go” check out the visuals below and pre-order Born in the Echoes on iTunes ahead of its July 17th release date.

For more Q-Tip collabos, check out his recent “Finish It” playlist on Spotify, curated for the truth campaign to end smoking.

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