SoulBounce Exclusive: Josué Wants To Know 'What's On Your Mind'


We let you know about the musical stylings of Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer Josué back in April, with his single "Summer Time." Now SoulBounce is getting you the goods direct, as we exclusively premiere his new single "What's On Your Mind."

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"What's On Your Mind" is a tasty slice of soul that sees Josué singing of a love interest that is keeping her feelings well hidden and is harder to read than the fine print on a dodgy record label contract circa the '60s. But fear not, as Josué is adept in reading body language loud and clear, or so he thinks. Josué's doubts and questions are sung in his dulcet tone that is reminiscent of '90s R&B star Tevin Campbell, while the track itself has a distinctly acid jazz feel overall that reminds of SoulBounce favorites Incognito. While the position Josué finds himself in on the track is somewhat confusing, what's certain is that "What's On Your Mind" is on a sunshine-shining-bright, groovy tip that has a direct correlation to hips moving and feeling better than just good.

"What's On Your Mind" will be available through the usual outlets this coming Monday, May 25th and will feature on Josué's forthcoming debut EP, Bad News, which is sure to be full of soulful goodies when it drops this July.

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