SoulBounce Exclusive: Hans Island Want To 'Start Over'


Denmark's darling Marie Dalhstrom and Canadian producer Mawhs are readying the release of their collaborative self-titled EP as the duo Hans Island. Taking their name from an actual island in Greenland's Kennedy Channel claimed by both Denmark and Canada isn't the only unique thing about this project. Hans Island is described as a collaboration that "explores the melding of their two worlds and vast influences, bringing together two nations and styles into a metaphorical sonic space."

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In that sonic space Dahlstrom and Mawhs are creating beautiful music, as we first heard on their debut track "Let Me Be" last month. Weeks later they are giving us another sample of their work with the new song "Start Over," which SoulBounce is delighted to world premiere today.

Mawhs provides a warm instrumental soundscape of synths, percussion and electronic samples for Marie to lay her vocals atop. Dahlstrom's soulful voice floats in like a cool breeze on a sunny summer's day. On "Start Over," she airs her grievances before imploring her significant other to press the reset button on their relationship and move past their differences to begin anew. With Dalhstrom singing so sweetly, how could you deny her wish?

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Hans Island have done it again and are two for two with their new songs. We suspect there will be more goodness like this to be found on their Hans Island EP. While we keep our eyes out for a release date, we'll be keeping "Start Over" in heavy rotation.

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