MNEK Gives Us Something To 'Believe' In


Can MNEK do any wrong? It's looking less and less likely. The London Town singer/songwriter had us from day one with his fresh spin on '90s dance and R&B sounds. His debut EP, Small Talk, is one that gets many spins around these parts, regardless of the fact that it's comprised of songs we'd already played a million times before. But now he is back with something new, and it's a remake of a chart-topper by...Cher? Yep, MNEK sets his sights on the immortal diva with a cover of her then-comeback single "Believe."

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While extremely popular back when it first arrived in 1998, time hasn't been kind to the hit, one of the first (and unfortunately not the last) times that a noticeably Auto-Tuned vocal was featured on a single. Luckily, MNEK freshens things up on his cover, starting with adding a bouncing synth backdrop over a bumping kick-and-snare drum pattern. Things only get better from there, building into an all-out party on the dance floor when he adds in some hand claps before hitting an ecstatic climax on the familiar chorus and coming back down again. Quite honestly, MNEK's refix has given the song a new life and actually makes us feel unashamed to bump this with abandon.

There's no word on when or if he'll be offering this or any other newness for download, but we're happy to just push play and enjoy this pre-summertime banger.

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