Joss Stone Admits She's 'Stuck On You'


This summer looks to be one filled with new music, with some artists kicking things off a bit early by dropping new albums and singles. Right on the heels of revealing the tracklist and release date for her new album, Water For Your Soul, last week, Joss Stone gives us our first sip with the release of her new single, "Stuck On You."

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The song, which the singer has been performing during her recent world tour, is a moody ballad of sorts led by twangy guitar and infused with Indian music elements like sitar and tabla, making it an interesting mix. Lyrically, Joss sings of the push and pull that most people experience when dealing with affairs of the heart. Though she's head over heels about the object of her affections, it seems that the more love she gives, the more he pulls away. "Every time we talk / I get stuck on lovin' you / Every time I fall / I land in love with you / What will I do?," she sings on the chorus. Though the love seems to bring her more pain than pleasure, Joss can't seem to resist the urge to get closer, and there seems to be no end to the cycle. Still, though her situation may seem a bit hopeless, her vocal and heartfelt delivery make this a song that listeners will definitely be stuck on.

"Stuck On You" is available for purchase now, and you'll get a free download when you pre-order the album on iTunes now. But before you head there, listen to the track right here. Water For Your Soul will be released on Joss' own Stone'd Records on July 17th.

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