Jacob Latimore Has ‘Earned’ Our Praise With This Cover Of The Weeknd


The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” an unexpected hit from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, has been covered by everyone and their mama. We have heard versions from Rob Taylor, Trey Songz and your favorite YouTube singer waiting to be discovered. The latest version comes from teen heartthrob Jacob Latimore, the boy with the golden voice and dashing good looks who thinks he’s grown enough to not sing but sang this song. Does this 18-year-old actor/singer have the pipes and personality to do the song justice or even compare to the renditions of others?

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In a word: Yup!

Jacob performs a pretty straightforward cover of the song, utilizing the same production and arrangement. However, it isn’t a bad thing, as he does justice to the original with nary a flub or voice crack. If there is a criticism, it’s that Jacob’s youthful voice doesn’t fully capture the level of emotion that others have put behind the song. However, it is still a very heartfelt rendition. It may not give you the chills of The Weeknd (which may not be a bad thing), but it will impress you nonetheless.

In addition to the recording, Jacob has also blessed his adoring fans with a video for the song. The Anthony Savage-directed clip finds the One Tree Hill star rolling solo in NYC, pouring his heart out through song in front of a hotel and performing some simple choreography with a couple of famous billboards in the background. The clip is very simple but works with the tone of the song and makes you focus on his singing instead of any other distractions.

With news that Jacob Latimore is in the studio with Rodney Jerkins and Rico Love, we are looking forward to what’s coming next from this super-talented young star.



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