Austin Brown Gets In His Feelings With 'Imagine Me'


After suffering through a drought of new material from Austin Brown for the past couple years, 2015 is looking like his season. He dropped the track "Love of the Green" in March to let fans know that he was still out here and in hot pursuit of some paper. Now Brown returns with something a lot more mellow and reflects on a love lost on the song "Imagine Me."

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The piano-driven composition finds Austin wondering what he did to mess his good thing up. She's out of his life (word to his uncle Michael Jackson), and he's knee deep in his feelings as he tries to figure out where they went wrong to no avail. Reminiscent of heartfelt offerings by his famous kinfolk, Brown sings softly and you can hear the emotion bubbling to the surface in his voice. After you listen to this you'll want to give him a big hug and assure him that this too shall pass.

Brown posted this track on Facebook with the note, "When saying goodbye isn't enough..." So if you're in the midst of a breakup of your own, then Austin feels your pain and has the soundtrack for your pity party of one.

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