We're Hooked On JMSN's 'Addicted' Video


Alternative R&B artist JMSN has decidedly been going left with the visuals for his album, JMSN (Blue Album), using uber-creative lo-fi imagery. The video for his latest single “Addicted” finds the Albanian-American singer using the cheesiest 1980’s public access TV, green screen effects to bring the song to life.

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JMSN poses and postures in his Carhartt suit as a myriad of images play in the background and he's flanked by a swath of Asian dancers. Everything from needles to supernovas to skeletons engaged in a warm embrace grace the screen. There’s probably an Illuminati message advertising TIDAL in there somewhere. In addition to his bargain basement visuals, our hero is also flying around the screen hanging from a very obvious hook. You know, because he’s addicted. Get it?

Whether you find the visuals for “Addicted” corny or charming, what you can’t deny is the fact that JMSN has taken a theme and made it work appropriately and creatively. Not just a gimmick for gimmick’s sake, the cheap, zany, mind-altering images play up the song and the idea of being addicted to something or someone that isn’t good for you. JMSN’s got us geeking out and experiencing withdrawals. While the “Addicted” video is the stuff that acid trips and seizures are made of, it is also breath of fresh air in the increasingly stale videos of the R&B world.

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