Van Hunt Fashions A New Narrative In 'Old Hat'

Van Hunt Old Hat Still

Van Hunt continues dropping low-budget, thought-provoking clips in support of his upcoming album The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets. After roller skating his way through "Vega (stripes on)," the funkster gifts us with a clip for the set's second single, "Old Hat." With the song itself discussing how the new is driving out the old, Van gives us simple visuals that evoke just that.

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We see Mr. Hunt walking and dancing through construction sites and empty buildings as images of traffic, abandoned buildings and construction zones flash. While it all seems random at first, paying attention to the lyrics ("Life is cold the way it moves on without you knowin'," for example) brings a new insight as to what's going on here. On one hand, Van is commenting about the seemingly sudden passage of time and the number that can do on you. On the other, he's admonishing the careless discarding of the old to make way for the new and improved.

With only a few weeks until The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets lands on May 5th and the manner the singer/songwriter has been dropping tracks and videos, we have a feeling that more might be in store. We'll definitely be staying tuned until then.

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