Tori Kelly Shares Her 'Love' With The Roots On 'The Tonight Show'


Tori Kelly has flipped her internet fame and turned it into something even bigger than she could have imagined. Her talent has now taken her from YouTube to Capitol Records, and now to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On her trail to promote her debut album Unbreakable Smile, Kelly was granted the fantastic opportunity to grace the stage and perform her upbeat lead single “Nobody Love” with the help of The Roots.

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After Jimmy Fallon led in with an exciting introduction, Ms. Kelly launched into a spirited performance of this feel-good song. While Tori kept up with the momentum and feeling of the song, she didn’t offer too much extra umph as one would expect while performing on such a grand stage. Nonetheless, even on her off days Tori could sing much of the pop industry under the bleachers, and that she did.

Unbreakable Smile is scheduled to hit stores and digital markets on June 23rd, but you can run to iTunes to pre-order your copy and be blessed with downloads of “Nobody Love” and the album’s title track now.

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