Tina Campbell Speaks A 'Word' Into Your 'Life' With A Few Previews Of Her Solo Album, 'It's Personal'


Tina Campbell is preparing the world for something special. While her sister and Mary Mary mate Erica Campbell is basking in the glow of all her new Stellar Awards and out promoting her second solo offering, Help 2.0, Tina is working behind the scenes and gearing up to embark on her very first swim in the solo pond. She blessed us all by debuting her lead single “Destiny” at a viewing party for the current season of their Mary Mary WE tv series, but now she is taking some time out to share previews of a more songs from her upcoming debut album, It’s Personal.

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If you have at all been keeping up with Mary Mary’s reality show and recent interviews, then you are well aware of the tumultuous year that led to Tina writing this album and its accompanying book. Fortunately for us all, she is turning the pressure of her marital battle into songs of praise. In the clips posted on her brand new YouTube channel Tina briefly previews four songs, including “Destiny,” “Only Jesus Did It,” “Speak The Word” and “Life.” If you ask us, it’s the latter two that shine the brightest. “Speak The Word” is a funky throwback record that finds her telling you how she got out of her situation by using the word of God as a weapon to break loose. As for “Life,” it’s a disco-driven anthem boasting a chant built for stadium crowds and a beat that just won’t let you sit still.

Both Tina’s album, It’s Personal, and her book, I Need A Day To Pray, are slated to impact the world in a major way this coming May. For now, keep up with Tina’s testimony by tuning in to Mary Mary on WE tv every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.

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