Tahj Mowry Is Coming On A Little Strong In 'Flirt'


We all remember Tahj Mowry as the adorable Teddy on Full House and TJ Henderson on Smart Guy. A few of us may have gotten to know him as an adult on his sisters’ Tia & Tamara’s reality show or as Tucker on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy. However, get ready to know him as Tahj Mowry, the pop star. To that end, he’s just dropped a hyperkinetic video for his debut single “Flirt,” trying in earnest to win our hearts.

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Fueled by liquid courage (we’re guessing vodka and Red Bull), Mowry shoulder bounces, body rolls, typewriters and cabbage patches through a neon lit abandoned warehouse to capture the heart of his leading lady. Things really get going when he’s joined by his full team of dancers, who would give MC Hammer and his crew a run for their money in their heyday. Someone will get served! You will not tell Tahj Mowry that he is not light on his feet. The video is very much inspired by the infamous boy bands from the late '90s, and feels like a full-on Disney music video production.

The track itself sounds like it would have been right at home on an *NSYNC LP. Take out the alcohol references, and it could be on Kids Bop 28. The production is bubblegum pop with a little guitar mixed in for some flavor. Tahj’s voice, on the other hand, is a bit nasally. With that said, this song definitely isn’t for everybody, and Tahj’s voice isn’t helping matters.

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While Mowry thankfully doesn’t try to transform from a smart guy into a tough guy just because he’s got a few more years on him, he’s still trying a little too hard to impress. It's like Mowry felt he had only one chance to get the girl, or in this case the audience, of his dreams and put everything he could into this effort. Mowry isn't just fighting against a crowded market, but for against an audience who will automatically pigeonhole the star. However, this is still a commendable first try. He's come out guns blazing and that's all anyone can ask.

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