Russell Taylor's 'Blueprint' Is Worth Studying

Russell Taylor Blueprint Music Video Screenshot

It only takes one listen to Russell Taylor's latest album, War of Hearts, to recognize (and appreciate) his effort to break out of a more traditional R&B mold and flex his creative muscles. Incorporating elements of electro-pop and dance as a backdrop for his tender vocals, he won us over with the album's first three singles ("War of Hearts," "Hope" and "Blueprint") and further endeared us with the visuals for the title track and "Hope."

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His inspired approach has reached new heights with the innovative visuals for his third single. Making clever use of a blueprint backdrop, Taylor joined forces with Idea Factory and animator Courtney Jane Moore to deliver an adorable yet powerful message. Don't let the childlike artwork fool you. These simple drawings give a fresh perspective on the difficulties that we sometimes face in relationships. Combined with the warm, breezy musical arrangement, thoughtful lyrics and soulful sincerity of Taylor's vocals, this is one video we don't mind watching again and again.

War of Hearts is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.

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