Royce Wood Junior Has Us Buzzing At The Sound Of 'Bees'


Royce Wood Junior has been making a name for himself for quite awhile now. The electro-pop/R&B singer-songwriter has created an amazing catalog of music of his own, as well as worked with fellow British artists, Jamie Woon, Stac and Kwabs. Now he’s preparing to finally release his first full-length LP, Ashen Tung. The first single, “Bees,” is a very Stevie Wonder-esque track, full of the legend’s trademark sound. Hopefully, there will be no Robin Thicke-like legal issues with this uptempo jam.

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The song pays homage to Stevie Wonder’s patented synths, hand claps and drums. While a number of artists use synths, especially in today’s electro-heavy music atmosphere, Stevie had a way of making them sound soulful and funky instead of robotic and clean. That’s where Wood shows his chops as a producer. The only thing  missing is a harmonica solo.

“Bees” is one of those songs you play on a lazy, rainy day that will motivate you to finally get out of the house or stay in and dance in your underwear without a care. We can’t wait to hear more from Royce Wood Junior on his upcoming project. Until then, “Bees” should keep us buzzing until his debut drops in June.

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