Patti LaBelle, Amber Riley & Lil' Kim Sweeten 'Dancing With The Stars' With 'Lady Marmalade'


If you've been watching Dancing With the Stars this season, then you already know that Patti LaBelle did her thing over the past few weeks. But, sadly, you also know that the septuagenarian was voted off the show. Still that didn't stop her from coming back last night to do a showstopping performance of her 1974 mega-hit "Lady Marmalade." Even better, she even brought along Season 17 winner Amber Riley and Season 8 contestant Lil Kim along to let the good times roll.

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Patti strutted her stuff on the stage first in a fringed black number that showed off legs that looked far younger than her age. Her opening verse was exquisite, as always, but it was when former Glee star Amber took the stage that the fireworks really popped off. That's because one, Amber and Patti's voices really love each other, and two, Amber is one of the few younger singers that can go toe-to-toe with Miss Patti and not come out looking like a damn fool. [Sidenote: Why do we not have a host of albums from the talented Ms. Riley?] Speaking of foolishness, Lil Kim came out and rapped a portion of her verse from the 2001 remake of the song. While her dress and hair were on point (not gonna go there about other things), her performance was the one part that dragged. That was mainly because she sounded winded during the entire performance leaving out sections of her rap as if the audience would be loud enough to fill it in. Luckily, Patti and Amber chimed in quickly and took over from there, giving us everything and more.

It was definitely a moment, and one of the best moments from a show that was overstuffed with the sheer amount of celebrity guests jockeying for screen time. Check out the ladies taking us back to old New Orleans and making the night right here.

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