Morning Soul: Senorita, Don’t You Know How Much I Need You?

  • Mama Tina Knowles tied the knot this weekend to her long-time beau actor Richard Lawson. #takethatMathew [LBS]
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel welcomed their first child, son Silas Randall, into the world. #heybaby [PEOPLE]
  • Nelly got popped on felony drug charges after his tour bus was pulled over by Tennessee Highway Patrol and they found weed, meth and guns on board. #comeonson [USAT]
  • Jaden Smith rocked a frock last week, but it’s not his first brush with girl’s clothing, which he routinely shops for. #sayyestothedress [HL]
  • J. Cole finally received his college diploma from St. John’s University, which they withheld when he graduated because he failed to turn in a library book. #petty [VV]
  • Not to be outdone by NBC’s live musicals, FOX is bringing a Rocky Horror Picture Show to the small screen. #leavewellenoughalone [EW]

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