Mark Ronson & Mystikal Make It 'Feel Right' On 'Ellen'

Mark Ronson Mystikal Feel Right Ellen

The last time that Mark Ronson hit the stage on The Ellen Show, he had his chart-topping partner-in-crime Bruno Mars in tow for a colorful and fun version of mega hit "Uptown Funk." This time around, however, he got a little bit more gritty with the help of Mystikal to bring Uptown Special's second single, "Feel Right," to Ellen's audience.

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On a black-and-white set emblazoned with their names and imagery from the Uptown Special album art, Mark, Mystikal and the band gave a fantastically funky run through of the track. Mystikal (and his spastic movements) were a highlight of the set as he seemed to relish the moment more than anyone else up there. For his part, Ronson kept the groove jumping and did some impressive scratching and cutting himself — but what else would you expect from a world renowned DJ? If you're looking for to start your day with a dose of funk, look no further. Check out Mark and Mystikal doing the damn thing right here.

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