Madonna, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Go On A ‘Holiday’


Get a few musicians, a comedian and a musical icon in a dressing room with classroom instruments and you get a unique musical experience. Now a tradition on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, very funny host and music lover Jimmy Fallon squeezed Madonna and The Roots in a dressing room to perform her classic hit “Holiday.” Decked out in shades and Hawaiian shirts, except Madonna of course, everyone added a unique groove with their tiny instruments. While Madonna and Jimmy held down the main vocals, The Roots chimed in to support the chorus. The festive performance was impressive as the group stayed true to the original track, and all with ukeleles, handclappers, kazoos, bongos and tambourines. Also, who knew Madonna was a beast with the cowbell?

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The diva has been making her rounds and joined the Tonight Show crew last night to promote her new album Rebel Heart. Besides the dressing room performance, she also performed her latest single, “B***h I’m Madonna,” with Diplo. If you want to hear more from Madonna, you can order Rebel Heart on iTunes and watch Jimmy, Madonna and The Roots go on a “Holiday” trip to the ’80s right here.

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