Bounce-Worthy: JONES


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On the standout title track “Indulge,” JONES sings of her yearning for something that she shouldn’t want but can’t get enough of with lyrics like, “I’m in danger / but I savor the thrill of you.” Synths add a romantically dark backdrop for JONES' obsession, thanks to Ninja Tune alumni Raffertie’s production that creates a hell of a lot of mystery to the affair. JONES switches it up on “Deep,” where she walks on the alt-pop side of things, serving up a catchy electro treat that she sounds very comfortable in. While on the A.K. Paul-produced “You,” her honeyed vocals sit front and center over mechanical beats as she asserts herself and scratches below the surface.

Rounding out Indulge is the "Jam City Alt Mix" of the title track, which lightens up the dark feel of the original. Adding new textures and vocal effects but still staying in JONES' alt-electro-soul lane ensures comparisons to fellow Brit Jessie Ware and gives some insight into the direction JONES might steer towards in th efuture. But for now, JONES’ strong debut makes it apparent that this is one artist who is a surprise package. She is much more than just sweetly soulful vocals and a pretty face. JONES is a complex and captivating artist who's only just hinted at what is to come.

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