Alessia Wants To Be Anywhere But 'Here'


If you're an introvert and homebody like me, then you know that there's no place you'd rather be than at home. You also probably know the pain of being dragged out to a party when you'd prefer to be camped out on the couch. Newcomer Alessia feels your pain, and she captures that miserable feeling in her new song, "Here."

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Penned after a less-than-fun night out with friends, the song focuses on that feeling of wanting to be anywhere but where you are and is meant "for all the antisocial, awkward, and miserable party-goers of the world," the singer explains. Produced by Pop and Oak and Sebastian Kole, "Here" presents a strong and introspective start for the 18-year-old Canadian who developed a strong following thanks to her YouTube channel. With her delicate vocals over the plush production, Alessia gently puts things in perspective by pointing out the ridiculousness that goes along with faking a good time when you'd rather be at home.

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