Adrian Marcel Finishes 'Weak' Mixtape Series Strong With 'Weak After Next Reloaded'


Adrian Marcel is the pretty young thing who everyone is expecting to be the next big thing in R&B music. He has not so quietly been building his catalogue and reputation with the Weak mixtape series and has everyone from BET to Rolling Stone singing his praises. However, before releasing his debut album, Got Me F’ed Up, Mr. Marcel has decided to bless us with some new music, containing both new songs and underground hits from his previous mixtapes, on Weak After Next Reloaded, the last in the series. However, with his debut album around the corner, I approached the mixtape wondering if the new music would be of the same quality as his previous releases, or are we getting a selection of less than prime cuts that didn’t make the album?

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Weak After Next Reloaded starts off with the upbeat “Liar,” a fun track where our hero let’s a woman know that he can see through her deception of being happy in a relationship. What isn’t so fun is another song, “Runnin,” which runs through a similar scenario but lacks the charm of the former. It is standard R&B with no personality to make it stand out. This is a theme on the mixtape, as many of the newer songs lack punch and originality. They are good babymaking songs, but not great, not memorable, not anything you’ll recall as “your song” or “our song.”

Marcel more than makes up for the garden variety music with the second half of album, which coincidentally features more hits from past mixtapes, such as “Girls Love Beyoncé,” “I Got It” and “I’m Still.” “The Search,” featuring his mentor Raphael Saadiq and Snoop Dogg is a West Coast banger that is worthy of a second listen. Likewise, the new track, “Is It Over” with lyrics like, “Things ain’t roses, things ain’t daisies / And I’m being patient, and honestly I’m tired,” prove Marcel’s promise as a writer and singer capable of making music that will rise above the rest of the pretty boys out there trying to trade the heart of a young lady for a song.

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While Weak After Next Reloaded dips in quality in some sections, it doesn’t deter our excitement for Marcel’s debut album. He’s more than proven he’s got some heat, with a good mix of old and new tracks. Now he just needs to make good on all the promise and accolades.

Adrian Marcel Weak After Next Reloaded [DatPiff]

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