Abjo Convinces Jesse Boykins III To ‘Stay’ For A Little While With This Remix

Jesse Boykins For WeTransfer Campaign

Soulection producer Abjo has teamed up with Jesse Boykins III to offer a new take on Boykins’ song “I Can’t Stay.” Unleashed this week as a part of WeTransfer and GStar’s Tone To Transfer campaign, this remix finds Abjo digging deep into Boykins’ 2011 Way of a Wayfarer project to bring new life to this gem. Adding synths, drums and a whole heaping of good vibes to the song, Abjo finds a way to keep with the flow of the song yet still bless it with his own unique musical mannerisms. Boykins is still singing the names of his ex lady friends and the reasons why he can’t stick around, but this time around with a little bit more bounce. “You will prevail / Love cannot lie / Oh, Shanell / You’ve changed my life,” he sings.

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Along with Boykins’ revamped jam, the Tone To Transfer campaign also includes new songs from the likes of our girl Kitty Cash, OG Maco and more, and all for free at that. To top it all off WeTransfer and GStar are allowing a few of their favorite artists a chance to hit the stage in New York this week for #Tightorwide showcase at The Box. Stream Abjo’s remix of “I Can’t Stay” via SoundCloud below, and visit WeTransfer for a chance to grab your free download and learn more about their new campaign.

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