Tink Takes Us To Church In 'Ratchet Commandments'

Tink Ratchet Commandments Still

In 2015, Timbaland has declared that we should think Tink. His latest protege has been praised as the second coming of Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill. While her latest single "Ratchet Commandments" may leave something to be desired, with its holier than thou lyrics not quite channeling the genius of Hill’s “Doo-Wop (That Thing),” the video is still fun. Directed by Dave Meyers, the video is obviously a throwback to Missy Ellliott and Timbo’s glory days. While Tink wasn’t blessed with a similar budget to coincide with Missy's classic videos, she still makes good on her promise with a light-hearted treatment that thematically matches her previous clip, “Around the Clock.”

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The video takes place in an abandoned building that has been transformed into a church, coming to save the hood heathens of Instagram from parties and bulls**t. Tink rules the pulpit in a gold church robe and flanked by praise dancers as she informs her fellow females of what’s really good in the 'hood. The video also features other vignettes, as Tink goes from Cleopatra to street corner preacher to underground Mad Max school marm, all in an effort to save men, women and children from a less than desirable lifestyle.

While the video is entertaining and matches the vibe of Timbaland’s track, it doesn’t quite make Tink stand out. Hopefully the next video treatment will not only show us Tink’s affiliation to the SupaFriendz crew, but prove she is the unique standout artist worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder next to Timbaland, Missy and other hip-hop greats.

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