The Chase Is On In Boyz II Men's 'Already Gone' Video


Though Boyz II Men announced there would be no ballads on the October-released Collide, the group at least delivered by still making an appearance in the video clip for "Losing Sleep." Everything in our world remained mostly consistent, but then out came the video for "Already Gone."

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Of the curveballs mentioned before, the R&B-pop album filler of "Already Gone" was expected. But perhaps even more surprising than that is the fact that the Boyz don't show up in the accompanying clip, which seems a little low budget compared to their previous efforts. Instead, we follow the story of a young man who seems to be breaking up with his lover/girlfriend/fiancée, but rather than doing it in the tacky fashion by sending a text, he's gone for the jugular by mailing back pictures and special items from the relationship.

Ouch! But of course he has a change of heart, and the clip follows his pursuit of the package. Will he intercept it before she receives it? Or will the mailman make a successful delivery? The tension is heavy, so you better press play to see how the scenario ends.

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