Get Wet With Dawn Richard's 'Projection' Video


Our favorite Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard, is out with a new music video for one of the tracks from her Blackheart album, the hauntingly smooth "Projection."

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The visually subtle clip features Dawn — filmed entirely in black and white — lying in a pool or a bath, her face barely above the water, but often outlined by the reflecting light that softly shimmers throughout the liquid. Throughout the fashion photographer's wet dream, Dawn's loveliness becomes the focus of viewers' gazes — no doubt intended given the tune's attempt at bringing attention to the concept of beauty.

As she sometimes woefully croons the repeated lyric "I see you in my head," Dawn seems to suggest that "art" is in the eye of the beholder — something that shouldn't be lost on any of us when we look in the mirror. Forget the haters and the harsh things they might have to say about you and the way you look, because "You are the light passing in the dark." And they're all "jealous." It's a concept Richard is taking to Vine, with her #projectyou campaign encouraging fans to post their interpretations of the video, with her favorites getting re-shared via her account.

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It's a lovely message to accompany the video that's so different from other Blackheart offerings such as "Blow," again showcasing Dawn's talent and her ability to drive in different lanes.

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