Salt-N-Pepa 'Push It' On 'American Idol'


What else do you do for the '80s themed week of American Idol but invite Salt-N-Pepa to perform? The femcees, minus DJ Spinderella, performed their 1986 hit single "Push It," which is definitely older than half of the Idol contestants. When Cheryl "Salt" James and Sandra "Pepa" Denton stepped on the stage, the crowd got on their feet, including former Fly Girl and judge Jennifer Lopez, who mouthed every word. The group did a sequence of '80s-inspired dance moves with two male dancers, who kept the energy up, and while the crowd ate it all up. The performance ended with the dancers on bended knee and Salt-N-Pepa standing with their fists in the air.

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Sure the performance wasn't as dynamic as the original performances but decades later, these ladies are still pushing it and we're welcoming them with open arms. The group has been milking "Push It" for all it's worth with their GEICO and KIA commercials featuring the hit still making the rounds and we're here for it. Watch the nostalgic performance on American Idol right here and let us know if the girls' still got it.

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