Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL Are Full Of Questions On 'What If'

Prince 3rdEyeGirl Guitar

With Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL doing a four-show, two-night stop in Louisville, Kentucky during his Hit & Run tour, many fans are wondering why he's showing the city so much favor. Well, it just so happens that 3RDEYEGIRL drummer Hannah Welton is a Louisville native, so it's no surprise that The Purple One and the girls are showing the city some extra love.

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In fact, local radio station WPFK was especially blessed by getting to premiere the a new track from His Purpleness and 3EG, "What If." The song, a cover of Christian artist Nichole Nordeman's song of the same name, find them rocking out with a bevy of electric guitar riffs as they lob a series of questions at what seems to be a lover. Though we've gotten to hear Hannah's voice before on tracks from PLECTRUMELECTRUM, she gets even more of a showcase here as she shares the spotlight nearly equally with Prince. But while the verse questions what if the doubter is right about their initial hunches, the '80s stadium rock sound of the chorus poses a different question: What if you're wrong?

By the time we get to the bridge and the full on '80s rock sound of the climax, you'll be asking yourself the same question that Prince whispers near the song's end: What if it's love?

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You can stream "What If" below, but knowing how all things Purple usual are, you should probably do it fairly soon.

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