Ludacris & The Roots Show Us The 'Grass Is Always Greener' On 'The Tonight Show'

Ludacris Tonight Show Fallon Still

If you didn’t know, there’s a movie coming out called Furious 7 starring a certain rapper with a pretty extensive IMDB entry who just happens to have a much delayed album coming out around the same time (*cough* Ludaversal *cough*). Ludacris (surprise!) chopped it up a bit with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about the movie and the death of his co-star Paul Walker. He also made some time to share a new song, since he happened to be there already. Of course, Luda couldn’t drop by the show without giving a performance, right? It would ruin the synergy. With an assist from Fallon’s house band The Roots, Ludacris performed his track “Grass Is Always Greener.”

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"Grass Is Always Greener" is a more introspective track, much different from the Chris Luva Luva personality that we’re so used to seeing, hearing and experiencing. But it was a good call for collaborating with The Roots. There were no stunts to the show, just a performer expressing the woes of fortune and fame against a stark beat and band backdrop. It was great to not only see Luda’s growth in his lyrics, but in his performance, holding it down as a one-man show.

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