Is Kanye West's Tribute To Kim Kardashian 'Awesome' Or Nah?

Kanye West Kim Kardashian GRAMMYs

Just when we were starting to worry about Kanye West's upcoming So Help Me God, he went and dropped his banger "All Day." But with that step forward, he takes two Auto-Tuned steps back with his most recent leak, "Awesome."

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After a slightly (and rightfully) ominous synth-horn intro, we're taken into tender ballad territory by Yeezy's robotic croon that's soon joined by strings and piano. It's obvious from the simple lyrics (sample lyric: "You don't never need to write / I read your last message at least a thousand times / At least a thousand, at least a thousand times.") that it's a tribute to his wife, reality queen Kim Kardashian-West. Kanye extols his wife's virtues and lets her know that she needn't listen to all the haters because she's awesome. While it's a fairly sweet sentiment, it would've been even sweeter if Kanye had gotten one of his more vocally-gifted friends (of which he has many) to sing instead of this techno-warble thing he's doing here (like, I dunno, John Legend). It would also be more meaningful if didn't have to add that he's awesome too, but this being a Kanye record, would we expect anything different?

There's no word on where or if this leaked track will appear on So Help Me God (hopefully nowhere), but we're sure more word will come once Yeezy reveals more about the album. In the meantime, listen to "Awesome" — at your own risk, of course.

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