Emily King Wants To Be Your 'Good Friend'

Emily King In Gold Red And Blue Jacket

Emily King wants to keep giving us everything that we need. Somehow in the midst of touring the world and collaborating with the likes of Taylor McFerrin in the past year, she found time to record new music and it looks like she’s already ready to share it with us. The New York City songbird let loose a brand new song yesterday called “Good Friend” and I guarantee that after your first listen it will instantly make your day a little bit brighter.

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King is here with this upbeat groove to remind us that we’re not alone and to teach us how to lean on our fellow man in the rough times. “But soon as I get weary/Soon as I close my eyes/You are there to lift the burden from my mind,” she sings, before chanting the catchy chorus. She isn’t lying about having good friends either, as she has recently linked up with the famed engineer now known as one of the driving forces behind D’Angelo’s Black Messiah album, Ben Kane. Kane is already singing the praises of King and her forthcoming album, so you know it will be something that you don’t want to miss out on.

While we wait on more music and details on Emily King’s forthcoming follow up to her The Seven EP, head over to Soundcloud to stream and download a free copy of “Good Friend” today.

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