DJ Spinna Remixes Kindred The Family Soul's 'Never Loved You More' For The Dance Floor


When Kindred the Family Soul first released their 2014 album, A Couple Friends, one of the first tracks to jump out at me was "Never Loved You More." With its infectious groove, I found it hard not to bust a two-step while basking in the glow of Aja and Fatin's love. Well they just made it a lot harder to stay off the dance floor thanks to this DJ Spinna remix of the upcoming single. For his part, Spinna speeds things up a bit, fleshing out the song into a full-on soulful house number.

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According to Fatin, the decision to have DJ Spinna rework this song was a no-brainer. "We jumped at the chance to give 'Never Loved You More' a soulful house version with his magical touch," he explains. After connecting while they were overseas in England at the Southport Weekender, Spinna made quick work of the remix, rapidly turning in a rough version of the song. The husband-and-wife team loved it so much that they had their band learn Spinna's version so that they could perform it that night. If that is not a cosign, then I don't know what is. What I do know is that this song is sure to be added to cookout and family reunion playlists everywhere this summer.

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