Austin Brown Sings About His 'Love Of The Green'


It's been a while since we've heard from singer/songwriter Austin Brown but he's back for a quick second to drop a new single in our laps. The Jackson offspring who has paved his musical path with his own sound just released "Love of the Green," which channels some old school jazz and blues. The single written and produced by Austin and Tommy Parker is an artsy statement about being rich in more ways than just with moolah. The chorus boasts that we can all get it, as Austin sings, "We can all be rich babe, we can all be rich right now / I said we can all be rich babe, we can all be rich right now / All our troubles gone."

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From the single artwork to the funky percussion in the track, you can do The Twist or pretend you're a part of the Rat Pack to Austin's creation. If you're loving this retro sound from Austin you'll have to wait a little longer for some more tracks while the crooner is gearing up for his next project. In the meantime listen to "Love of the Green" right here and let us know if this track is rich enough for your musical palette.

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