Spend 'Every Moment' In Jodeci's Winter Wonderland


The Bad Boys of R&B are making good on their promise of coming back like they never left. Fresh from releasing the classic Jodeci-sounding single "Every Moment" last month, the gang returns with an equally classic Jodeci-looking music video. Sure the fellas may not look like they used to, but you'll be too distracted by all the fur accessories they're rocking to care. PETA won't be pleased, but K-Ci, JoJo, Mr. Dalvin and DeVante Swing had to do something to stay warm while they were filming this video in a snowy winter wonderland.

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Famed music video director Hype Williams is behind the camera and once again directing Jodeci like he did over 21 years ago when they did the "Feenin'" video together.  Jodeci fans will go crazy for this effort, too, as DeVante plays it cooler than a polar bear's toenails while seated at a white grand piano in the snow and K-Ci sings for his life as he is known to do. JoJo and Mr. Dalvin join in on the fun as well as some well placed and tasteful video vixens.

These "Every Moment" visuals are at once fresh and nostalgic. With Jodeci's new album, The Past, The Present, The Future, due in stores on March 31st, we're sure that this isn't the last of the guys trying to get that old thing back.

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