Seinabo Sey Wows 'Conan' With 'Younger'


In case you couldn't tell by now, we are totally enamored with Seinabo Sey. The Bounce-Worthy Swedish export has taken over our playlists with her EP, For Madeleine (which we recognized as one of 2014's Best EPs), and she's currently taking the United States by storm on a mini-tour that has taken her to cities such as NYC and Chicago. Yesterday, Seinabo's travels found her in Los Angeles to perform on late night TV's Conan, which marked her US television debut.

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Anyone unfamiliar with Ms. Sey got a lovely crash course with a performance of the song "Younger" from For Madeleine. The song has been remixed and refixed numerous times (just take a stroll through her SoundCloud page), but there's nothing like the original, which Seinabo recreated for Conan O'Brien's audience with her live band and a string section. The light show was quite eye-catching, but all ears were on Seinabo with her powerful vocals reminiscent of Lauryn Hill in her prime. Dig into Seinabo Sey's Conan performance right here in case you missed it.

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