Omarion, Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko 'Post' Up In New Video

Omarion Jhene Aiko Chris Brown PTB Still

Maybach Music's crooner-in-residence Omarion has released the visuals for the single "Post To Be" with his cohorts Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko. While the single itself hasn't been popular at SBHQ, nor on any of our playlists, we were curious to see what the three cool kids would come up with for the video. Well, the answer is not much. Directed by Jay Ahn and co-directed by Omarion and Taz, the visuals feature the trio hanging out together in a crisp, white-washed room. Bopping their heads together in unison, they each take their respective turns to shine. The first minute and some change features Omarion getting his groove on and rubbing his derrière on a matching white Ferrari. We do get a splash of color when a few items are dipped in gold paint, including a naked woman (because that's how it's "post to be"?).

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Chris dances through his turn and when Jhené later gets her chance to brag, we were hanging at the edge of our seats when she said her infamous line "gotta eat the booty like groceries." It was pretty anti-climactic, but we had fun watching her sell it. It was also fun watching Omarion and Chris dance to the DJ Mustard beat, but they kept their choreography low-key for the laid-back video. If this is your kind of groove, then you can get "Post To Be" and the rest of Omarion's latest album, Sex Playlist, on iTunes. Watch the video, and let us know if this is what you thought it was post to be.

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