Kanye West Goes To The 'Wolves' For 'SNL 40'

Kanye West SNL 40

Kanye West's crusade to become America's most polarizing musical artist continued this weekend when the rapper/Auto-Tuned singer made his way to the stage for Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special SNL40. The show, which was chock full of stars from the series' storied past, was a pretty happy affair, until the Chi-Town MC took the stage to perform a medley of "Jesus Walks," "Only One" and new song "Wolves."

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Opening with "Jesus Walks" (and for some reason sporting ice blue contacts), the set started with 'Ye laying on his back as he gave a labored reading of the opening verse of the College Dropout track. That then segued into "Only One," which found Yeezy almost standing yet only using a small portion of the stage. Thankfully, that section was only brief, as it seemed that Kanye's voice, Auto-Tuned or not, wasn't up to the task of a full version of the song. For third song "Wolves," Kanye's collaborators Sia and Vic Mensa slow-motion crawled onto stage as 'Ye kicked things off. While his Auto-Tune was still in full effect, he was smart enough to let the more experienced singers Mensa and Sia (whose ridiculous big white wigs keep getting bigger each week it seems) get most of the mic time on the compelling, feel-bad song.

Hate him or love him, Kanye is still probably the most interesting artist around right now, and this odd performance certainly proves that. If you happened to miss last night's special, take a peek at what Yeezy brought to the stage below.

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