Gipp & Eric Benet Turn Up For 'Beautiful Lover'


Eric Benet is primarily known as a crooner of soulful ballads and love songs, but like Andre 3000 said in "Green Light," "even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes." And getting down -- or rather, turning up -- is just what Benet does on his featured guest spot on Gipp's new song "Beautiful Lover."

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The uptempo joint is a party starter that finds Gipp wanting to get a party popping off between the sheets. He brags about his sexual prowess and all the things he can do, and Benet backs him up on the chorus singing about being a "Beautiful Lover." As fine and handsome as Eric is at 48 years young, we're quite sure he lives up to that promise.

All respect to Gipp whose song this is from his upcoming album Zagga, but Benet owns this joint for our purposes. He displays his range, flexes his falsetto and gets downright funky. And we're here for it. We certainly wouldn't be mad for more uptempo jams like this from Eric Benet.

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