Columbia Nights Came To ‘Groove’ With SassyBlack Of THEESatisfaction

Columbia Nights Double Vision Press Shot

Bounce-Worthy band Columbia Nights is coming through with a brand new groove just for you this week. With the help of THEESatisfaction’s SassyBlack (aka Cat) the Washington, DC soulstars are here to show out with this song that they’re calling “My Groove.” SassyBlack is taking the lead here with her warm vocals over a bed of her friends’ musical foundation. She wants you to know that people can try to take many things away from you, but they can never take your groove. “Use your skills for you to get ahead,” she sings. The message is pure, the bass is heavy, the drums are hitting just right and all is right in the world of Columbia Nights.

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Beyond just being a stellar musical moment, this song comes along with two extra special announcements. First off, there is a new Columbia Nights album on the way. It will unfortunately not be featuring this gem, but it is said to be coming later in the year. Also, this will not be the last time that we will be graced with a collaboration from Columbia Nights and THEESatisfcation as the Columbia Nights will be backing our girls Stas and Cat on March 4th at their EarthEE album release party in New York City. Grab your tickets for that all-star show here and get into “My Groove” via SoundCloud now.

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