Bradd Marquis Tries To Break 'Free' In His Powerful New Video


All inspirational songs deserve a visual that will convey those deep meaningful words in a way that captures viewers with a story we all can relate to. With Azzie Scott’s brilliant direction, Bradd Marquis gives us a beautiful testimony with strong, flawless vocals in the video for “Free.”

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The track speaks to the obstacles and tribulations we face in life, and how even after working hard to repair the damage, we still fall short at times. The video takes a metaphorical approach with the telling of this journey. It begins with Bradd tied up, beaten and bloodied, being held hostage by a masked man. He is beaten over and over (symbolizing the constant battles in life) and nearly exhausts his efforts until he gains the strength to fight off the masked man, break loose and remove his captor’s mask -- only to reveal his own face. This symbolizes how we can often be our own worst enemy. The singer pleads for freedom from the pain and harsh realities of dealing with one’s internal demons, and as the video continues we see the fight to get out, the fight to overcome. Bradd makes it through a door that leads him to a room full of windows with no visible exit. Scott ends the video this way, leaving us draw our conclusion on if the journey ended or is to be continued.

With this amazing talent and powerful art of storytelling, we are sure this journey is only beginning.

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