Aidan Carroll & Chris Turner Remind Us How Easy 'Sundays' Can Be

Aidan Carroll And Chris Turner Video

Bassist, bandleader and composer Aidan Carroll is preparing to share his debut album with the world and what better way to introduce said album than with a show-stopping lead single featuring Chris Turner. While “Sundays” is the only singer-assisted song on Carroll’s Original Vision, it still manages to embody the heart of this spectacular jazz affair. The song’s accompanying video teases us with a reminder of just how beautiful New York City is in autumn, reminds us how smooth and suave Turner is and allows us to welcome Carroll into our hearts. Just as your heart begins to flutter and become overwhelmed, Turner beckons for you by singing “just be mine” and Carroll’s comrade Ben van Gelder launches into a remarkable saxophone solo. Sullivan Fortner comes along for this ride as he tickles the keys and Joe Dyson takes on the drums. Everything about this musical moment is as easy as Sunday morning.

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While Aidan Carroll’s debut album Original Vision officially hits music shops everywhere on March 3rd, it is now available for pre-order on iTunes and comes along with an immediate download of this lovely song "Sundays."

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