12 Artists Who Need To Release New Albums


After years of teasing us with singles, UK singer/songwriter MNEK is finally ready to drop a his new EP, Small Talk. That got us here at SBHQ thinking about the many projects that we've been waiting on for a while. The creative process is a very unpredictable beast, for sure, and we definitely believe that good comes to those who wait. (Heck, just look at what D'Angelo brought after taking his 14-year sabbatical.) Still, while we like to consider ourselves a very patient bunch, even we have limits. Some of our favorite artists are long overdue on promised follow-ups. Some folks on our list have dropped from the spotlight altogether, others look to be on the precipice of finally making their return and a few are content with blowing up social media with pictures of them doing everything but making music (you know who you are). Consider this a friendly reminder that your public is waiting on some new hotness...and we're getting a bit restless.

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