Trey Songz Makes The Lyrics & Ladies Move In 'Slow Motion'


Trey Songz, the poet behind "2 Reasons," is out with the lyric video to his track "Slow Motion." Much like the 2004 hit of the same name performed by Juvenile and the late Soulja Slim, "Slow Motion" is all about appreciating those slow-wining ladies.

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Songz's clip is a black-and-white showcase of Sans Serif font and silhouetted female figures. While the track's sultry verses swoon with romantic crooning, the strip club-ready choruses put a little bounce into the beat. Fittingly, the sexy outlines that make cameos throughout the clip respond in kind by arching their backs, spreading the gams, twerking, or otherwise enticing with acrobatics and flexibility when not simply catching looks with statuesque poses.

It's all a bit of a blur, it's all a bit of a haze, but despite not being crystal clear, it'll definitely catch the eye of viewers with its two-tone hues, and accompanying gyrating and sensually moving shapes.

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