The-Dream & T.I. Give Us The Same Ol' 'Sh*t'

The-Dream Thats My Shit Still

Stop us if you've seen this one before: We open on a remote mansion as men — fully covered from neck to boot — stroll around watching women — who are wearing nothing but the sheerest, laciest lingerie and six-inch stilettos — cavort and writhe around solely for the men's sheer pleasure. Yes, I just described most of the hip-hop and R&B videos of the past 10+ years, but more specifically it's the video treatment for The-Dream's latest clip, "That's My Sh*t."

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Sure, it's an expected visual from Mr. Radio Killa and pretty appropriate given the song's lyrical content, but it's all a little "been there, done that." Dressed like a ghetto Count Dracula, complete with gold fangs, the singer/songwriter walks through the clip bragging about his sexual prowess with the next man's girl while bossing up with his racially diverse cohorts. Given his lavish surroundings and the throngs of scantily clad women at his beck and call, we guess we're supposed to be impressed by all that's going on. And then there's T.I.'s guest verse, which finds the rapper once again sitting at a desk in a tuxedo jacket and wearing glasses as the same nearly-naked women stand around him and look pretty (seriously, is this scenario written into his video appearance contract?). Yawn.

"That's My Sh*t" is the first single from The-Dream's Crown EP, which is set for release on March 31st. The companion EP, Jewel, will follow soon after in June. Check out the clip below.

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