Terrace Martin & Uncle Chucc Serve Up Some 'Gumbo Love'

Terrace Martin Gumbo Love Still

If you're food connoisseurs like we are here at SoulBounce HQ, you know that it takes a number of ingredients to make a great gumbo. Well, producer and multi-instrumentalist Terrace Martin is also a fan, and proves it in his recent single with the tasty title "Gumbo Love." The track is the latest from his recent release, Times, and features the perfect soulful vocals from singer and musician Uncle Chucc. In the retro video directed by iLL Camille, you can catch the two in the band, which is the backdrop for some good gumbo cooking done by Chef T Lee. Uncle Chucc sings, "I got my spoon and napkin / Just to taste your love baby / I got my salt and pepper / To flavor it up / I need to spread you on some rice / Add a little spice / Drink a little Kool-Aid / Everything is right."

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Whether you're spreading it on some rice or sopping it up with a biscuit, there's something for everyone in the mid-tempo track. If you didn't know how to make gumbo before, you just may learn a thing or two, and if you've never been in love, you'll most likely feel it in the song.  The soulful harmonies alone are what make getting more than one serving of "Gumbo Love" worth it. Get your recipe and heart right by watching the video, and if you can't get enough, purchase the single and Martin's Times over on iTunes.

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