T-Pain Has More To 'Say' Without Auto-Tune

TPain Im Gone Video

T-Pain is refusing to miss the mark this time around. After the world gasped and applauded his Auto-Tune-less performance for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, the “Reverse Cowgirl” singer is continuing to leave the computerized vocals behind as he releases a video for a new song that he’s calling “Say The Word (I’m Gone).” This seemingly homemade video finds T-Pain sitting in front of a MacBook, a microphone and a piano and singing his heart out. Both the song and the video are quite simple. His vocals here are not extremely impressive, but he still holds his own and proves (again) that he can sing without the use of Auto-Tune.

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As for the lyrics, they tell of a deep and personal hurt that I’m not quite sure the world is ready to hear from the artist formerly known as Teddy Penderazdoun. Nonetheless, after hearing “Stoicville” and now “Say The Word (I’m Gone),” it’s clear that T-Pain has done some serious soul searching and maturing since we last heard from him. His forthcoming album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, just might surprisingly be something to look out for.

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