Raheem DeVaughn Breaks Down What Happens 'When You Love Somebody'


In case you thought that Raheem DeVaughn entitled his new album Love, Sex, Passion just for kicks and giggles, then he's dropped yet another new song from the upcoming collection to let you know that it is not a game. On his third preview from the album, DeVaughn breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly about that crazy little thing called love with "When You Love Somebody."

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The song has a decidedly throwback feel to it with a Hammond organ taking listeners to church and Raheem taking it back to the '70s with a soul-drenched vocal that sounds like the love theme from a blaxploitation movie. There's more to the instrumentation than an organ, though, with the full-bodied sound of a band and string section rounding things out. Mr. DeVaughn's voice is in top form as well as he flaunts his enviable range while he extols the virtues and vices of love. Screw in a red light in the basement, pour yourself some dark liquor and let this sweet song ride with DeVaughn in the driver's seat.

If you're digging this classic-sounding groove, then you'll be glad to know that all who pre-order Love, Sex, Passion on iTunes will receive "Queen," "Temperature's Rising" and "When You Love Somebody" immediately in advance of the album's February 17th release date.

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