Oddisee & Phonte Aim Straight For The Soul On 'Requiem'


Oddisee and Phonte join forces for the soul-stirring “Requiem,” the first preview from Mello Music Group’s March 10th compilation release, Persona.  This collaboration between Oddisee and Phonte sounds as good, if not better than the concept of the two artists rhyming together.

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Lyrically, the track is a finger on the pulse of the times we live in, as well as the emotional turmoil of those coping with the ever present realities of racial/religious profiling and xenophobia. Purposefully personal, poignant and powerful in tone, Oddisee and Phonte rhyme more truth per second than you could get in a whole lifetime of watching cable news coverage. Both rappers articulate emotional and mental states ranging from despair to frustration with a resonant and raw sense of authenticity, while still offering a sense of optimism rooted in the hook to "find a better way." Oddisee brings the same amount of gravitas, emotion and realness to the production, with a beat arrangement and melody sonically and emotively reminiscent of J Dilla’s “Donut’s of the Heart.” You can sink your ears into "Requiem" right here and pre-order MMG's Persona on iTunes.

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